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Suor Angelica + Mozart and Salieri

Puccini and Rimsky-Korsakov, May 2022

Our fully staged opera performances in May feature two short operas: Puccini’s Suor Angelica, a moving story of a suffering mother who mourns her lost child; and Rimsky-Korsakov’s Mozart & Salieri, based on Pushkin’s own version of Amadeus.  Sung in the original languages with English surtitles.

Musical Director: Benedict Collins Rice

Stage Director: Louise Bakker

Producers: Alan Bain and Tamara Ravenhill

Stage Manager: Tracy Townsend 

Suor Angelica Cast

Alms Sister: Maria Gayle-Rogers/Angela Voyajolu

Suor Angelica: Tamara Ravenhill

A Novice: Bernadine Pritchett

Sister Genovieffa: Olivia Bell/Emily Sloan

Sister Osmina: Maria Gayle-Rogers

Sister Dolcina: Faye Courtney

The Abbess: Elizabeth Deacon

The Mistress of Discipline: Melissa Davies/Rachel Colley

The Mistress of Novices: Anna McLachlan/Eleanor Kemp

The Infirmary Sister: Eleanor Kemp/ Anna McLachlan

The Lay Sisters:

   Emily Sloan, Olivia Bell, Rachel Colley, Melissa Davies

Dispensary Sister: Constanze Klug

The Princess, Angelica's aunt: Lorna Jane Perry

Mozart and Salieri Casts

Salieri: Ian Helm/Crispin Lewis

Mozart: William Smith

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