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Celebration of Ukranian Song
6th September 2024

The soloists of Rose Opera will be celebrating Ukraine’s rich cultural and musical heritage in an evening devoted to Ukrainian song. The wide-ranging programme takes in both folk and classical music.

The folk element, drawing on a tradition dating back to the pre-Christian period (which in Ukraine would be before the 9th century AD), includes romances and Cossack songs, performed accompanied by the bandura, a plucked string instrument, as well as folk songs accompanied by violin.

The classical part of the programme, accompanied by piano, showcases the hidden gems of Ukrainian art song and opera from the nineteenth century up to the present day, including music by Nestor Nyzhankivsky, Stefania Turkevych and Vasyl Barvinsky, an aria from contemporary composer Myroslav Volynsky’s poetic opera Forest Song and Julius Meytus’s thriller Stolen Happiness, and excerpts from the comic operas Natalka Poltavka and Zaporozhets za Dunayem.

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