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Mozart's Idomeneo, October 2019

Rose Opera performed Mozart's Idomeneo in the wonderful Normansfield Theatre in Teddington on October 4th-6th, 2019.

Set on the Island of Crete shortly after the Trojan War, Idomeneo tells the story of a King who, caught in a fierce storm at sea, promises the God Neptune that if his life is saved he will sacrifice the first person he sees when he reaches dry land. That person is Idamante, his son. Idamante, in love with Ilia, the daughter of the defeated King of Troy, is sent into exile instead of being sacrificed. Neptune sends a serpent, which Idamante slays. When Ilia declares her love for Idamante, the voice of Neptune is heard declaring that Idamante can be saved, as long as Idomeneo steps down as King. Ilia and Idamante are crowned as the new rulers and peace is restored once more to Crete.

Described by Alfred Einstein as “One of those works that even a first-class genius like Mozart manages only once in his lifetime”, Idomeneo contains some of Mozart's most dramatic music, and is considered his masterpiece in the opera seria style. Come and hear Rose Opera's production of this wonderful opera!

Musical Director: David Roblou

Stage Director: Michael Moxham

Designer: Lucy Fowler

Producers: Tamara Ravenhill and Andy Evans

Lighting design: Roberto Ventruti

Technical Director: Alan Bain

Stage Manager: Tracey Guillard

Cast (in order of appearance):

  • Ilia: Nina Kopparhed (Oct 5th), Helen Bailey (Oct 4th, 6th)

  • Idamante: Jane Frith (Oct 5th), Anna Marie McLachlan (Oct 4th, 6th)

  • Elettra: Tamara Ravenhill

  • Arbace: David Padua

  • Idomeneo: Andy Evans

  • Voice of Neptune: Ian Pope

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